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Due to recent Aquatic Licencing issues the following 'Participants Safety Briefing' needs to be read prior to Registration, and needs to be adhered to during this years event along with the original Rules listed below. Failure to comply with these may result in no entry into this years event and no Gumi Event in 2019

(sorry but these condition are now part of this years event, hopefully to make it safer for all).

To ensure the safety of all participants it is a requirement that all participants are aware of and observe the following rules and regulations pertaining to water safety during this event:

1. In the event that the River rises to a height of 2.8mtr the event will be cancelled, if this occurs during the event all craft on the water will be directed to the emergency evacuation points and the event cancelled.

2. In the event of extreme weather conditions the event maybe cancelled and the craft on the water will be directed to the emergency evacuation points.

3. In the event the SES and VRA are called to a life threatening emergency the event will be cancelled and craft on the water will be directed to the emergency evacuation points.

4. All participants must be competent swimmers.

5. Participants must be 7 years of age or older to participate in the event and must be accompanied by 2 adults if any crew members are under the age of 14.

6. If all crew members are over the age of 14 but under the age of 18, then parental consent is required before the craft can enter the event.

7. All participants are to wear an approved Type 2 (level 50) lifejacket (non-inflatable type), no other type will be acceptable (despite level of rating). Lifejackets are to be in good condition, correctly fitted and the correct size for the wearer. Participants will not be permitted to enter the water without an approved Type 2 lifejacket. Any participants that removes their jacket during the event will be instructed to refit the jacket. Failure to do so, or multiple request to refit will result in the participant (and their Gumi) being removed from the water and event.

8. All gumi’s are to be manually propelled and manoeuvred by the use of paddles/oars. For Gumi’s with 1 – 4 participants, a Paddle/oar is required for each members. For Gumi’s with 5 – 6 participants a minimum of 4 paddle/oars are required.

9. Each Gumi to have a maximum of 6 crew, with all crew members to finish the event. Crew members must stay with their Gumi throughout the entire event and any participants observed to be away from their Gumi will be instructed to return. Failure to do so may result in the Participants and Gumi being removed from the river and the event.

10. Support boats will be stationed to identify hazards along the river and to ensure your safe journey during the event. Captains and participants must adhere to directions given by support crew.

11. Alcohol and drug use is not permitted before or during the event and all participants must be under the legal alcohol limit of 0.05 at all times. RMS and NSW Police reserve the right to carry out random breath checks of any participants during the event.

12. All Gumi’s must be fitted with a 3.5 metre (or longer) rope with red flag fitted at the end which is to signal difficulty and to beused in the event of an incident (capsize, sinking or gumi break-up).

13. Any participants entering the water during the event must do so safely and return to their gumi as soon as practical. Participants must stay near their gumi to avoid accidents such as prop strike and collisions with other Gumi’s and course boats.

14. In the event of another Gumi getting into difficulty, do not assist that gumi, but bring it to the attention of the course boats on the river as soon as possible.

15. In the event of evacuation or event cancellation, follow the directions of the on water course boats at all times.

16. At the Finish Line (Wagga Beach) the Gumi Captain must sign the team out at the Finishing Tent to ensure all participants are accounted for so Emergency and Rescue resources are not falsely called.

What is the Wagga Gumi?

The Gumi is an event for the Wagga Community and Regions to come together and enjoy a cruise down the Murrumbidgee River.

The Gumi Race starts at Eunony Bridge Reserve

(first race at 10am) and finishes approximately 7km downstream at the Wagga Beach. The Wagga Beach will be the venue for loads of entertainment, with refreshments available and the South Wagga Apex Water Slide, always popular with kids of all ages.

Prior to these Gumi Races, at 9:00am the

Wagga Leagues Swimming Club will be holding an

Aquathon and at 9:30am the Bidgee Canoe Club will conduct

a 7km Canoe Race (see Registration & Events for more details).

Rules of the Gumi Race